Black Four Train Horn Kit on Noel's 2000 Ford F-150 Truck

This train horn install features a very tight level of integration with the F-150 it sits on. The horns were installed at the same time as the body drop while the truck was all but bones.

Train Horn Install Info:

Vehicle: Stock floor body dropped 2000 Ford F-150 Regular Cab Fleet Side. 
Installation: 1 day with custom built brackets. 
Owner: Noel W., 23, from Alma Georgia 
Products: Hornblasters Black Finish Four Horn Kit (Horn only)

A Word From Noel Himself

I had the shop that did my bodydrop install my horns while the body drop was being done. It took him probably total of about a good day to install the horns, but he built custom brackets and mounted 2 on each frame rail all facing the rear. They have been installed for about 2 years now and still sound awesome. I love ’em!