Unleash a wave of superior loudness with Paul's 2020 Ford F150 Crew Cab King Ranch, equipped with our Conductor's Special Spare Tire Dual Tank Delete Kit. This kit features our Shocker XL train horns, guaranteed to assert a bold presence on every journey. The included high-performance onboard air system, with dual 2-gallon air tanks and heavy-duty air compressor, offers the ability to inflate tires and power small air tools, significantly increasing versatility and providing the capacity to power air suspension or load-support systems.

Designed to occupy the spare tire location in most full-size pickup trucks, this kit ensures rapid recovery and an extended honk time of up to 10 seconds, all while taking the guesswork out of finding locations for all of the components. The included Dual Tank Spare Tire Delete Bracket reduces the install time from 6-8 hours to roughly 3-4 hours, getting you up and honking in no time. It's more than just a train horn for your truck; it's a truck horn upgrade that marries functionality with style!