Nathan P3 Airchime Train Horn Installed on Ray's CJ7 Jeep

This is an intriguing installation of a Nathan P3 Airchime on a CJ7 Jeep. The train horn itself is mounted inside of the engine bay. The P3 trani horn is connected to a 5 gallon tank and a VIAIR 400C compressor installed in the rear.

A Letter From Ray Himself

Thank you for your help..When I recently became the proud owner of Nathan Airchime P-3's I was faced with two problems..#1...How will I fit these ginormous horns into my 84 Jeep CJ-7?..and most importantly #2 how will I get them to work? After Watching terror on the streets I found the motivation to make these horns fit in my jeep and with your technical advice I got the horns blastin'!

With your help my jeep now makes the loudest noise I have ever heard. ...What can I say....THANK YOU HORNBLASTERS!

Ray Panek