Everyone loves a classic, so of course we were ecstatic to find out it had one of our train horns hiding underneath the bed! This is Rob's 1958 Chevrolet Apache that has had a ton of custom work done to it. Some of the main modifications that stick out is the truck has been bagged and bodied dropped so that it can lay all the way on the ground! So with the air suspension already utilizing an onboard air system, all Rob needed to do was plumb the train horn directly into his air tank. Under the bed you will find our Outlaw Chrome Train Horn installed right behind his rear axle. After plumbing the 1/2" air line into his air tank, Rob was up and honking in no time!

On a truck of this caliber you definitely want to make sure that you are heard on the road, to ensure that you can warn any distracted drivers before it's to late. We all know how people tend to drive while their face is deep in their phone. And typically their music is to loud for them to hear your stock horn. Our Outlaw Train Horn provides Rob with the ability to warn anyone that comes in his path, giving him a fighting chance against situations that are out of his control.



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