We hear all the time that customers don't have enough install space on their vehicle to install one of our horns. Roger decided to show with a little bit of creativity you can mount a horn on just about anything. With Smart Cars not being very big in size, trying to fit one of our longest horns definitely seemed like an impossible task. But that didn't stop him from achieving what he set out to do.

In the images below you will see Roger was able to fit our Safety Air Horn perfectly between the front crash bar and the core support. With just enough room between the two to slide the horn in between, this made the horn completely hidden and out of site. Installed in the trunk is the air compressor and air tank supplying air to the horn. The Safety horn does require an onboard air system to function and we recommend running 120-150 PSI to this horn for max performance. 

With a car of this size it is definitely important to have a horn that can ensure you're heard and seen in emergency situations. Now with the power of our Safety Horn, Roger will not only feel safer but enjoy honking his horn every chance he can! If you're interested in staying up to date on this build check out Roger on Instagram @1SikPaloma14.



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