Ryan's 2002 Ford Mustang now features our Shocker XL train horns, delivering an remarkable sound that demands attention. The horns were installed discreetly behind the front bumper, and the air system was mounted in the trunk for a clean and seamless look. With its compact design and powerful sound, the Shocker XL train horns are the perfect addition to Ryan's Mustang, providing a unique and attention-grabbing way to make a statement on the road.


"My name is Ryan I'm 19 and from Oklahoma City. I had a set of your shocker XL train horns put on my 2002 mustang convertible. I hadn't seen any horns on a mustang so I thought id submit mine. They were installed at a HornBlasters dealer Absolute Motorsports out of Edmond, Oklahoma. He said it was the hardest install he has ever done and took about 7 hrs....totally worth it though. Very quality work made the compressor and tank fit and look great in the trunk of my car. I wired up a different kill switch as you can see in the photos, the red LED switch powers my sub-woofer/amp and the switch labeled on/off actually cuts power to the horns and compressor. So no chance of the compressor powering back on if the switch is off if I get pulled over :-) Hope you enjoy the photos and hope to see them up on the site."

- Ryan