A Word from the Owner

My name is Ryan I'm 19 and from Oklahoma City. I had a set of your shocker 240XL horns put on my 2002 mustang convertible. I hadn't seen any horns on a mustang so I thought id submit mine. They were installed at a HornBlasters dealer Absolute Motorsports out of Edmond, Oklahoma. He said it was the hardest install he has ever done and took about 7 hrs....totally worth it though. Very quality work made the compressor and tank fits and look great in the trunk of my car. I wired up a different kill switch as you can see in the photos, the red LED switch powers my sub-woofer/amp and the switch labeled on/off actually cuts power to the horns and compressor. So no chance of the compressor powering back on if the switch is off if I get pulled over :-) Hope you enjoy the photos and hope to see them up on the site.