RYAN'S 2019 DODGE RAM 1500

Introducing Ryan's impressive 2019 Dodge Ram 1500, equipped with our top-of-the-line Conductor's Special train horn kit utilzing the Spare Tire Delete bracket. This exceptional kit features our Shocker XL Train Horns, renowned for their authentic and incredibly loud Train Horn sound, providing a thrilling and unforgettable driving experience.

The constant-duty air compressor included in this kit will provide the ability to use air tools or air up tires, in addition to honking the Train horns. With the 2-Gallon Air Tank also featured in this kit, you'll have approximately 4-6 seconds of honk time at your disposal. The Spare Tire Delete bracket allows for a quick and easy installation process, enabling you to replace your spare tire with the entire train horn kit using just a few hand tools, basic 12-Volt wiring knowledge, and a few hours of your time.

Overall, Ryan's Dodge Ram 1500 is a testament to the power and quality of HornBlasters products, and we are proud to have been a part of such an outstanding build.