Scott's 2017 Dodge Ram 2500, a spectacle at the 2018 SEMA Show, now boasts a powerful auditory signature with the installation of our Conductor's Special 244K Train Horn Kit. At the heart of this installation are the Shocker XL Train Horns, revered for delivering an intensely loud and authentic train horn sound that reverberates with the might of a locomotive. This sound marvel is bolstered by the HornAir 244K Onboard Air System, featuring our 2-gallon air tank and heavy-duty air compressor, providing about 5-7 seconds of honk time. This system also introduces a layer of practical utility, offering the capacity to power air tools or inflate tires as needed, making Scott's truck not only audibly dominant but functionally versatile.

The installation finesse shines through in the strategic placement of the kit in the spare tire location. A custom-cut, powder-coated flat plate, color-matched to perfection, is bolted to the bed between the frame rails, forming a sturdy foundation for the entire kit. This setup allows for the kit to be securely bolted onto the plate and tucked up between the frame rails, ensuring a sleek appearance without compromising on the auditory impact. This meticulous installation is a testament to blending aesthetic elegance with sonic power and functional utility, accentuating the bold persona of Scott's Dodge Ram 2500, and making it a showstopper not just visually, but audibly and practically.