The Deniathan 2018 GMC Sierra 2500HD

Nicknamed "The Deniathian", this beast started out as a normal 2018 GMC Sierra 2500HD. Then came the 24" Stryker Suspension lift, Road Armour Bumpers, 28" American Force Wheels, and 40" Fury Tires! So of course with a truck this massive it needed a sound that was just as massive. Long and behold the almighty Nathan Airchime K5. Right at home on this beast as it would be on top of a locomotive, this horn is 2nd to none.

When you go big or go home on the rest of the truck, you can't wimp out on a cheap eBay horn. The K5, AKA the "Godfather of Train Horns", is the perfect candidate. With this horn coming straight off of the top of retired locomotives. There really is no other horn out there that compares to it when it comes to its loudness and tone. After receiving these horns we put them through a rigorous reconditioning process, where they receive all new internals, hardware, and a slick black finish to ensure they arrive at your door looking good as new.

If you are looking for a mounting bracket that is just as hefty as this cast aluminum horn then look no further then our Goliath Train Horn Mount. Made from 1/4" American Steel, this bracket is designed to hold up no matter the conditions. Another great feature of this bracket is the ability to run a 5-gallon air tank and dual air compressors. Providing your horn with plenty of air to get at least 5-6 seconds of honk time and giving you the option to double your air tank refill rate by adding an additional air compressor.

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