Immerse in the robust sound of the Outlaw 2MC train horn kit showcased on Timothy's 2013 Ford F150 Crewcab. This kit comes packed with our Outlaw Black Train Horn, known for its thunderous roar, paired with our 2-Gallon 150 PSI Air Source Unit, a blend that promises both impressive loudness and ease of use.

The horn, with a pre-installed electric air valve, and the air source unit, pre-plumbed and pre-wired, come together to significantly reduce the installation time, making this kit a convenient choice. Beyond its primary function as a truck horn upgrade, this system also offers versatility as it can be used for inflating tires, operating small air tools, and supplying air to load support. This installation exemplifies a seamless fusion of potent sound, reduced setup time, and practical utility, enhancing Timothy's Ford F150's functionality on the road.