TONY'S 2016 DODGE RAM 3500

Tony's 2016 Dodge Ram 3500 now resonates with a commanding auditory presence, courtesy of our Conductor's Special 244K Dual Tank Spare Tire Delete Kit. This clever installation takes over the rear space where the spare tire used to be, using our Dual Tank Spare Tire Delete bracket for a neat fit. The real highlight of this setup is our 6-horn upgrade, which takes this already powerful system to a whole new level of booming sound. With the inclusion of two additional horns, totaling six, the kit not only amplifies the loudness but also deepens the tone, creating a resonating sonic signature that's bound to turn heads.

The ingenuity of this installation doesn't stop at the enhanced auditory output; it extends to the practical domain as well. The system, with its dual tank setup, offers a generous honk time of around 8-10 seconds, making Tony’s presence unmistakably known on the road. Moreover, the setup boasts the versatility to power air tools or inflate tires as needed, introducing a layer of functional utility to the vehicular ensemble. This installation on Tony's Dodge Ram is more than just an auditory upgrade; it's a blend of potent sound, aesthetic stealth, and functional readiness, orchestrating a dynamic and bold statement on the road.