Prepare to witness the ultimate Scion showdown as Steven Cooley establishes the dominance of his Scion in this captivating episode of Train Horn Pranks. With the help of our powerful Conductors Special 228H train horn kit, Steven announces his presence with a thunderous blast in the mall parking lots of Arizona. Get ready to be amazed as vehicles of all sizes transform into mighty locomotives, thanks to the incredible Shocker XL Train Horns. One might even wonder, "Why doesn't your Scion have a train horn?"

Join us for a video that showcases the undeniable superiority of Steven's Scion, leaving others in awe and admiration. Marvel at the symphony of power and sound as the Shocker XL Train Horns unleash their full potential, redefining what a Scion is capable of. It's a thrilling spectacle that begs the question, why settle for an ordinary Scion when you can elevate it to the status of a mighty locomotive? Brace yourself for an unforgettable experience that celebrates the audacity and uniqueness of HornBlasters' train horn kits, and discover why having a train horn on your Scion is the ultimate game-changer.