Accuair SwitchSpeed Controller (Black)


  • The Accuair SwitchSpeed Controller features top of the line components to complete any air suspension system. This kit comes with the SwitchSpeed Controller with a Black anodized touchpad. This gives you full control over all 4 bags on your vehicle.
    1. 3 Programmable Valve Adjustment Speeds
    2. Manual Control Over All Air Spring
    3. All Down Function
    4. Weather Resistant
    5. Precise Control Over Any Valve
    6. Monitors Battery Voltage
    7. Plug-N-Play
    1. Accuair SwitchSpeed ECU
    2. Accuair Black SwitchSpeed Touchpad
    3. Accuair Pressure Sensor
    4. All Wiring & Hardware
    1. Part Number: AA-SS-BA
    2. No. Of Savable Heights: None
    3. Voltage Requirements: 9.5-16 Volts
    4. Current Requirements: 15 Amps(Max)
    5. Valve Output: (8) 12-volt solenoid valves up to 3 Amps each (any brand)
    6. Compressor Output: 3-Amps Max
    7. Tank Pressure Range: 0-200 psi (user adjustable)
    8. Connectors: IP67 certified (immersion up to 3 ft)
    9. SwitchSpeed Connector: USB - Mini B



This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer.