Shocker Classic 1/2" Valve Upgrade Kit


  • This heavy-duty 12″ valve kit comes with all the parts you need to upgrade your Shocker 4 horns to the 12″ line. Once installed, your horns will be even louder! (We were surprised too!) Using the included 12″ feed line to the horns provides 4 times as much air ensuring maximum volume at all pressures.

  • The package comes with P.T.C. fittings. Think of them like Chinese finger-traps: you simply push the airline in and the fitting holds on. It really couldn’t be easier!
    1. Full Shocker Upgrade Kit
    1. One HornBlasters 1/2" Brass Electric Valve
    2. 17ft 1/2" DOT Air Line
    3. Push to Pull DOT Fittings
    4. 20ft 18ga Wire & Electrical Terminals
    1. Part Number: VA-M8
    2. Port Size: ½″ NPT Female
    3. Length: 9.0″ (228.6 mm)
    4. Width: 1.88″ (47.75 mm)
    5. Height: 6.0″ (152.4 mm)


This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer.