From: Edward
Sent: August 16th 2010 at 10:37 AM
Subject: Amazing horns


Just wanted to let you guys know I've completed the installation of the Shocker kit on my 2007 F150 Lariat pick up. After watching several of the videos online with my brother he finally pushed me over the edge to order your kit. Omg , videos online could never give you the severity of the sound that these horns produce. Has to be the best toy I ever purchased for my truck. The look on unexpected people walking in the streets of Philadelphia as I BLAST the horns is priceless. A poor lady actually dropped her ice cream cone on Saturday night. I thought I had pee running down my leg. From 6 blocks away you can clearly hear me coming your way. Sooooo awesome. Your tech support answered all my questions with no delay. I now have a buddy who wants the same kit for his little Kia Soul. How funny will that be. I will suggest the middle of the road kit like Garret suggested. Hope I spelled his name correct. Well time to get to work now. I only wish I had these horns on my work truck.

Side note , a real train just passed me with horns blowin, that actual train couldn't hold a candle to my hornblaster horn set. Thanks for all your help. You guys rock.

Ed, Philadelphia Pa.

From: James McDougald
Sent: August 9th 2010 at 10:37 AM
Subject: Install Question


Hi James, Just checking in to see how the Horns are working for you? Were you ever able to resolve the sticking problem?

Hi Matthew,

Yeah I did eventually discover the source of the problem, I had hooked up an air gauge inline with the air supply and there was a leak thru the gauge which was causing the compressor to constantly stay on. I have had a LOT of fun with that kit over the last year or so...I actually prevented several accidents too! I recently noticed the compressor is staying on again though so I must have a leak in the system somewhere. Other than that I have experienced no problems whatsoever. Best upgrade I have purchased for my F-150 to date!

take it ez, - James

From: Alli G
Sent: August 9th 2010 at 10:37 AM
Subject: Alli G's need, for HornBlasters!


A lady cut me off the other day and would have ran me over with her SUV if I hadn't driven on the curb. I wish I'd had one of those horns to scare the friggin CRAP out of her! seriously though, that's what they should really be used for, serious situations. I'll admit, posting one video is GREAT for sales, it helped me see that this crap's for real. If someone had a heart attack cause you honked at them without their consent, you could get sued or's your life though, and I'm gonna buy one of those fkkers for idiots that won't pay attention to my MOST adorable Hyundai!! (honestly, I want a PA as well, but my hubby won't let me get it. :( Says I'll get shot using it!)

Thanks for a great product, - Alli G

From: SEC1080
Sent: August 9th 2010 at 10:37 AM
Subject: You will not be disappointed!


Dear HornBlasters,

Thank you so much!! I got the Shocker XL Horns and that was the best 250 dollars I have ever spent. I put them on in an hour and was scaring neighbors within minute’s hahah. I will never get train horns from anywhere else. I’m telling everyone to get their horns from here! Thanks so much LOL you have no clue how happy I am. I was expecting like a wimpy train horn sound I damn near pissed myself when I first blew them at 100psi OMG I can’t imagine 150 psi LMAO.... if your reading this and plan on getting horns, get the shocker xl's you WILL NOT BE DISSAPPOINTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sincerely, - SEC1080

From: Tony
Sent: August 9th 2010 at 10:37 AM
Subject: Camry installed!!!!


Hey Garrett!!

As u can imagine, the nightmare on every street has arrived! LOL! I knew this thing was gonna be loud, BUT DUDE... I HAD NOOOO IDEA! This is outrageous. I scared the crap otta my family. I'll tell u the story the next time we speak. My sisters said their heart hurt after hearing it!! Bahahahahaha. These guys were able to place the tank/compressor in place of my spare in the trunk! The horns fit like a glove in between the radiator and grill! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I'll be in touch and let you know when the video gets on YouTube and I plug!!

Sincerely, - Tony

From: Neil
Sent: August 16th 2010 at 10:37 AM
Subject: THANK YOU for making my dreams come true!


Hey Hornblasters,

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for making my dreams come true!!!

I live in California where people are taught early on that "pedestrians have the right of way.” Unfortunately, those who teach that law usually fail to follow it up with Newton’s law of physics that states that a body in motion (like perhaps a 3,000 pound automobile) stays in motion, despite the fact that a mindless pedestrian who feels they have the "right of way" should stupidly walk in front of it. These are the same eggheads that one hears about on the news---the type that goes for a leisurely stroll on a railroad track with an MP3 player blaring in their ears. My usual response when I hear of incidents of this sort is "good, now there's less mud in the gene pool."

I teach math at a university where students are constantly walking through the parking lots, out from between parked cars, usually on their cell phones, and mindlessly walk directly into the paths of oncoming cars. Granted, it’s a parking lot where cars should not be going that fast, but neither should pedestrians be tempting fate.

For this reason, I bought an air horn at a local marine shop. Best $10 I ever spent... until I found your website. Now, I will be saving up my dollars to purchase one of your horns!!!

I’ve spent the past hour watching your videos; my eyes are still teared up from laughing so hard. I read your hatemail... whatever. I love a good prank. But even more, I love it when a lesson is taught that will never be forgotten.

There will always be stupid people who walk through parking lots obliviously, or even intentionally, ignoring the traffic around them. There will always be stupid people on their cell phones, driving, and putting the lives of thousands of others at risk. There will always be stupid people who walk on railroad tracks with music blaring in their ears. All these people need to be taught lessons and your horns are the perfect teachers!!!

Keep up the good work! - Neil

From: Cliff Krok
Sent: August 9th 2010 at 10:37 AM
Subject: The Firefighter's Conductor's Special 548


A co-worker and myself just recently put your Conductor's Special 548 on our new fire engine at work. The kit is great! It has everything we needed to hook-up the horns. We still have the air horns that came with the engine on there but, with your train horn kit makes the 2 emergency air horns sound like ones you would hear from a foreign car. I have never seen cars move out of our way so fast before and it has made our response times better. Keep up the great work and you will be getting install photos of your train horn kit on our fire engine (I believe it's a first for Hornblasters)!!!! 

From: Spanky Buchanan
Sent: August 9th 2010 at 10:37 AM
Subject: Saved My Life!


Matt And Rico

Guys as I travel a lot on the road with my 2000 GMC 4x4, you are with me all the time. As i was traveling on I-70 outside of Hagers town MD, a rig was merging onto the interstate. I was in the left lane when the rig to my right was changing lanes too let the merging rig in. He did not see me, but thanks to the horns, when I snapped the big black button the rig slammed on the brakes and barley missed shoving me across the median into oncoming traffic.

Thanks again, - Spanky B.

From: Peter
Sent: August 9th 2010 at 10:37 AM
Subject: I feel like a Kid again!


Good morning,

I'm the fellow who had your bank of five horns installed by A & B Small Engine Repair here in Pennsylvania. They are a real hoot, no pun intended. At age 66, I feel like a kid again walking the old Reading RR tracks. Will definitely clean out some shorts. No need for Activia for the wife.

Sincerely, - Peter

From: Larry M
Sent: August 9th 2010 at 10:37 AM


I really love my horns and my wife HATES THEM. All the more reason I love them more... Just kidding.....but this is NO JOKE!! I went to pick up a used printer from a lady in town, and her adult son brought it out. She had to sign to him because he is completely DEAF. He wailed past the front of my truck and saw the 6" chrome beagle on my hood and said he liked it. I asked if he wanted to hear it, and Mom signed the question. He said, "Yes," and I said it would be loud. She said, "He's deaf," like I was crazy to say it. So she told him anyway. I blew the horn with the remote on the key fob, and the deaf guy JUMPED when it blew. He laughed like a son of a bitch!!! Funniest thing I ever saw. I have had more fun with that horn that any other accessory I put on my truck, including the sound system! Larry M. West Palm Beach,