BRADY'S 2015 GMC 2500HD

Looking clean in all white, Brady’s 2015 GMC 2500HD is rocking a train horn kit just as imposing as the rest of the truck. Powder-coated to match the color scheme of his GMC, you will find our Shocker S6 544K train horn kit! This kit features 6 of our insanely loud Shocker train horns that are hand-tuned to sound exactly like real locomotives. Utilizing the loudest horns we manufacture provides the Shocker S6 544K with the power and tone of a locomotive!

Powering our mighty Shocker S6 train horn is the HornAir 544K onboard air system. This air system features a 5-gallon air tank powered by a Viair 444C air compressor to ensure Brady has a full tank at all times ready to honk for 8-10 seconds. The heavy duty onboard air system is also capable of airing up tires or using small air tools! Providing the ultimate dual purpose train horn kit.


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