SKOOP'S 1995 F350

Behold Skoop's 1995 Ford F350 "Land Yacht", a standout spectacle in the truck scene, initially built for the 2016 SEMA show. This build is a testament to customization, sporting an array of upgrades that easily set it apart from the masses. The journey begins with a one-off air suspension, leading your eyes to the unique bullet-hole style American Force forged wheels, and beefy Fusion Bumpers, just to skim the surface. Yet, the real thrill lies in what's nestled at the rear of this beastly machine!

Already equipped with an onboard air system with dual 5-gallon air tanks to power its air suspension, Skoop's rig was horn-ready. Aiming for a sound as impressive as the look, our recommendation gravitated towards the authentic locomotive horns in our arsenal—the Nathan Airchime series. The initial thought was a single Nathan Airchime K3 train horn to grace this build, but Skoop had a bigger vision—doubling down with two K3s for a sound that resonates with the might of two locomotives! This choice was the cherry on top, making "Land Yacht" not just a visual marvel, but a roaring force on the road. Cross its path, and brace yourself for a thunderous echo that follows!

Instagram: @Skoop_SMG