Gallery / David's 2008 Dodge Charger Train Horn Install

A Word from the Owner

Heres my 2008 Dodge Charger, with a Conductors special 232 model installed. I installed a flip switch (led light when on) on the left side to control when the red push button (installed in center console) is activated and ready to blow the horns. To any other Dodge Charger installers- the bumper comes off fairly easy with 2 screws and a nut, as well as several nylon screws and plugs. the nylon screws holding the top of the bumper are easy to take out, the nylon plugs holding the wheel well cover to the bumper HAS to be cut off (replacement plugs can be found at any auto or hardware store). All the hoses and wires fit perfectly through this hole in the engine bay on the right side(looking at the engine) right against the firewall there's a spongy almost rubber plug there...take it out bam bamm!!!...just route all the wire and hose through the carpet and sides, through the back seat to the trunk and done!! 




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