EVAN'S 2020 FORD F250

Behold Evan's awe-inspiring 2020 Ford F250 Super Duty, a testament to superior craftsmanship blending functionality and aesthetics. The journey of this majestic build begins with its copper and white PMF suspension, effortlessly flowing into the robust Goliath Train Horn Mount, which cradles the prestigious Nathan Airchime K5 544K Train Horn Kit. This eminent kit marries the powerful Nathan Airchime K5LA Train Horn with the efficient 544K Onboard Air System. It doesn't end there; polished American Force Wheels wrapped in Fury Tires add a shimmering finish to this magnificent ensemble. Engaging top-tier brands in the industry, this stunning color combination propels this build into a realm of elegance and grandeur.

The copper K5, nestled in the spare tire location with our Goliath train horn mount, is not merely a sight to behold, but a legacy of authentic locomotive power. Originating from retired locomotives, this horn bestows upon Evan the exhilarating thrill and commanding power of a locomotive, right at his fingertips! The harmonious amalgamation of top-notch components, coupled with a choice selection of hues, encapsulates the essence of this build, rendering it a compelling spectacle of design and impressive capability.

INSTAGRAM: @evan6sevan