Holden's 2017 Ford F250 has been upgraded to the ultimate level of road presence with the installation of the HornBlasters Shocker S6 544K train horn kit. This kit boasts the powerful Shocker S6 Train Horn, providing an incredibly loud and authentic train horn sound that is sure to turn heads and demand attention on the road!

In addition to the impressive horns, the kit includes a 5-gallon air tank and a heavy-duty 1NM air compressor, ensuring the system has ample air storage and power for extended honk time. The use of the Goliath train horn mount makes it easy to install, taking advantage of the extra space left in the spare tire location after removing the spare.

With its powerful horns and capable onboard air system, the HornBlasters Shocker S6 544K train horn kit is the perfect truck horn upgrade for anyone looking to add a bold statement to their truck. Holden's Ford F250 is now ready to take on the road and command attention wherever it goes.