SHAWN'S 2018 FORD F350

Behold Shawn's 2018 Ford F350, a custom marvel built for the snowy terrains of Canada and featured at the 2018 SEMA Show. Designed explicitly for his snowmobile-hauling needs, it was only fitting that this truck be outfitted with a train horn kit of equal grandeur and uniqueness. This robust vehicle proudly sports our Shocker S6 544K train horn kit, enhanced with our dual air compressor upgrade. The included 5-gallon air tank provides the Shocker S6 train horn with an 6-8 seconds of honk time, delivering a sound that's as impressive as the truck itself.

Not merely a snowmobile carrier, Shawn's ride now possesses the power to reverberate across the lands with its thunderous 6-bell train horn kit. The dual air compressors not only facilitate the mighty blasts of the train horns but also constitute a heavy-duty onboard air system. This versatile air setup grants him the ability to inflate tires or operate small air tools, ensuring that Shawn's adventures remain unhampered, whether he's traversing snowy trails or making a statement at a car show.