HornBlasters Brass 3/4" Electric Air Valve


  • Introducing a HornBlasters exclusive air valve! This powerful 34″ air valve delivers unparalleled performance with a huge 20mm orifice. We designed this valve for AirChime and other genuine train horns, and it delivers.

    This valve is also perfect for air ride! With its incredible high flow, you’ll be hopping in no time!

      1. Extra High Flow 20mm Orifice
      2. Heavy Duty All Metal Valve Case
      3. Designed For Performance Applications
      1. One HornBlasters Brass 3/4" Electric Valve
      1. Part Number: VA-10
      2. Body Material: Brass
      3. Port Size: 3/4" 
      4. Orifice Size: 16mm 
      5. Minimum PSI: 3 PSI
      6. Maximum PSI: 217 PSI
      7. Voltage: 12 Volts DC
      8. Length: 2.5″
      9. Width: 3.5″
      10. Height: 2.5″


    This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer.