Viair Disc Air Filter Elements (4 Pack)


  • Viair replacement air filters keep your compressor running the way it should! These 4 filters will help ensure many years of good use. Helps keep out Moisture and Dust. Viair recommends changing your air filter every 3 months making this over a years supply! Plus you’ll be getting the best performance out of your equipment.

    Recommended for: 

    • Viair 420C (Partnumbers: AC-420, AC-420C, 42040, 42043)
    • Viair 460C (Partnumbers: AC-460, AC-480C, 46040, 46043)
    • Viair 480C (Partnumbers: AC-480, AC-480C, 48040, 48043)
    1. Four Pack
    2. Two Stage Filters
    3. Extend Compressor Life
    1. Four Viair Filter Elements (For Metal Intakes)
    1. Part Number: CP-FE-VM14


This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer.