Dual OB2 Air Compressor Kit


  • This Air-Zenith compressor brings you unheard of quality, insane speed, and a beautiful finish. Every little detail has been thought of! It’s 100% duty at 200 PSI (better duty cycle than any Viair compressor); it outputs a massive 3.5 CFM to fill your tank in lightning speeds; it has a cooling fan to prolong the compressor’s life; it has a completely rebuildable head; oh and it has a 2 year warranty! (longer than any other automotive compressor).

    Tell us you want more? You got it. This compressor kit comes conveniently prewired with a relay. There are simply 3 leads to connect: 12 volt power, ground, and a 12 volt trigger to connect to your pressure switch. Done and done! No messy wiring or confusing schematics.

    Then there’s the looks. Unlike every other compressor, this one has them! It’s paint has microflake in its high quality finish: silver flakes in black, and gold in white. The second you put this on your vehicle, you’re going to know it was worth every cent. There’s nothing more satisfying than buying the best there is.

    1. Fully Rebuildable Patented Interchangeable Piston Technology
    2. Oil-less Design
    3. 4.25 CFM @ 10PSI
    4. Permanently Lubricated Ball Bearings
    5. Moisture & Dirt Resistant
    6. Stainless Steel Braided Air House
    7. Heavy Duty Inline Check Valve
    8. Vibration Free Mounting Hardware
    9. Two Year Manufactures Warranty
    1. x2 Air Zenith OB2 Black Air Compressor
    2. x2 Air Zenith 80 Amp Relay
    1. Part Number: DC-OB2K
    2. Voltage: 12 Volts DC
    3. Max Amperage: 70 Amps
    4. Maximum Duty Cycle: 100% @ 100 PSI
    5. Maximum Pressure: 200 PSI
    6. CFM @ 0 PSI: 7.0 CFM
    7. Length: 12.5″ (317.5 mm)
    8. Width: 5.5″ (139.7 mm)
    9. Height: 8.0″ (203.2 mm)
    10. Weight: 9.75 lb (4.42 Kg)


This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer.