Liquid Ass


You ever have an itch in your butthole? Everybody has but nobody has the guts to admit it. And we all do the same thing male or female, we'll be sleeping and scratch; the first thing you do is bring your finger to your nose and smell it. You wonder if you hit something good and if you need to go to the bathroom and wipe your finger. Then there's the people who itch it and go back to bed, only to awake to the reason you should have gotten up. That smell we're thinking of is now bottled, and it's called Liquid Ass. We have a formula here that will empty a room. We wont give any names but I swear to you, we put a few drops in a movie theater lobby and business went down 80%.Rumor has it one of our customers charged $1,000 to get the odor out of the theater. And they paid.

You've never smelt something quite like this. This is the nastiest, most vile smelling ounce of ass juice. Guranteed to make you gag like someone put 100 cat's assholes in a blender. Just a drop will clear a room in minutes! Colorless, Non-Staining, Long-Lasting, Butt-In-A-Bottle. The name says it all. Fresh Ripe Ass Juice.


  • Fart Spray Or Stink Bomb, Easily Clears A Room
  • The Foulest Scent You've Ever Smelled!
  • Just A Couple Drops And You'll Be Date Free!
  • Made In The USA!
  • Kit Includes

  • One Bottle of Death