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Rocker 228H Air Horn Kit

(Non-Weather Sealed Air Supply)


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As the loudest air horn kit on the market, our Rocker 228H air horn kit rocks the most power you can fit in an air horn kit this size. If you are limited on space or just looking for something different from your typical train horn sound (without sacrificing the volume), our Rocker 228H is the go-to choice!

The Rocker 228H features our Rocker air horn: two out of the four bells that make up our legendary Shocker XL train horns. The only reason they’re not classified as train horns is that they include 2 out of the 4 notes required for the train horn chord that our Shocker XL train horns consist of...but be assured they still bring an insane amount of volume! Made from a fiberglass-reinforced ABS composite, our Rocker is two individual horns that are incredibly light and durable enough for us to back them with a lifetime manufacturer's defect warranty!

We paired our Rocker air horns with our HornAir 228 air source unit to bring you a kit that is not only extremely powerful but compact enough to fit inside a truck or toolbox. All your fittings are pre-plumbed and your pressure switch and compressor are already wired, so installation is quick and easy. Rocker 228H air horn Kit’s 2-gallon tank supplies your Rocker air horns with enough air to get 5-6 seconds of honk time and the tank-mounted Viair 280C air compressor recovers your tank from 110-145 PSI automatically in only 1 minute and 15 seconds!

As with all HornBlasters kits, our Rocker 228H comes complete with all required components and detailed instructions.

  • Lightweight & extremely loud
  • Stainless steel internals combined with the fiberglass-reinforced ABS construction ensures these horns are extremely durable through all conditions!
  • Individually mounted horns for flexible installation
  • All standard mounting hardware
  • Max honk time: 5 to 6 seconds

(Note: Tank mounted air compressors are not fully sealed. For this reason, the manufacturer recommends the tank/compressor system be mounted in the upright position in an enclosed space away from moisture, dirt, debris, etc... Failure to mount this product as directed will void the warranty)

**Detaching the compressor from the tank will void your warranty on this kit. If you need a solution where the compressor is detached, please look at our 232 and higher models. **

  • Part Number: HK-S2-228H
  • Operating Pressure: 150 PSI
  • Restart Pressure: 110 PSI
  • Voltage: 12-Volt DC
  • Horn: Rocker Air Horn
  • Horn Material: High-impact fiberglass reinforced ABS
  • Horn Length: Bell #1 14.75" (374.65 mm) Bell #2 12.75" (323.85 mm)
  • Horn Flare: 5"(127 mm)
  • Horn Weight: 2.25 lb (1.02 Kg)
  • Air Source Unit: HornBlasters 228H air source unit
  • Air Source Length: 18.9″ (480.06 mm)
  • Air Source Width: 5.9″ (149.86 mm)
  • Air Source Height: 13.7″ (347.98 mm)
  • Air Source Weight: 13.75 lb (6.24 Kg)
  • Air Source Kit Tank: 2-gallon 5 port air tank
  • Volume: 2.0 gal (8.8 L)
  • Air Source Kit Compressor: 280C air compressor
  • Max Amperage: 19 amps
  • Maximum Duty Cycle: 30% @ 100 PSI
0 1.59 10 0 45.0 10
10 1.49 12 1.0 40.2 13
20 1.33 13 2.0 32.1 14
30 1.11 14 3.0 29.0 15
40 1.04 15 4.0 26.4 16
50 0.99 15 5.0 24.2 16
60 0.92 16 6.0 22.0 17
70 0.87 16 7.0 21.0 19
80 0.81 17 8.0 19.4 18
90 0.76 17 9.0 17.5 17
100 0.74 19 10.0 15.3 17
110 0.71 19
120 0.67 18
130 0.62 17
140 0.57 17
150 0.51 17

* Supply Voltage: 13.8 Volts

0 to 145 PSI 3 min. 40 sec.(± 10 sec.)
110 to 145 PSI 1 min. 15 sec. (± 05 sec.)

* Supply Voltage: 13.8 Volts

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  • Warranty
    This Kit is backed with a 1 Year Manufactures Defect Warranty!
  • Satisfaction Guarantee offers our customers a 30-day satisfaction replacement or refund guarantee on all purchases, except when otherwise noted in the product listing.
  • Cross-Shipments will not cross-ship returned merchandise.
  • Physical Damage Policy
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Warnings & Notices

Hearing Loss warning icon
Hearing Protection Required

This product produces extreme loudness. Proper hearing protection must be worn at all times during its operation. Hearing loss or permanent damage may result from unsafe use. Use this product in a safe and responsible manner and at a distance of at least 100 meters from others. Never operate this product in a closed environment, in close proximity to living beings, or where prohibited by law.

Safety warning icon

This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

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Jose V.
United States United States

Rocker 228. Best purchase. Extremely loud.

Hi I just wanted to thank you greatly. I completed the install and everything went well. Struggled a little installing horns in front due to continuous modifications to brackets due to limited space on 2012 Honda Pilot. More of a miscalculation on bracket size . Once front end was out there was a lot of room. But as far as the electrical , everything went well thanks to constant communication with customer service . I wired it so that I can turn on compressor at will along with the separate momentary push button switch to fire these babies. Just don’t forget to turn off switch when not using. This thing is amazing sounding and I am very happy with it, and I’ve also already filled tires since I installed a quick disconnect in-line. Also used for my pneumatic nailer on moulding . Does catch attention to people driving on phones lol. Extremely and A + customer service. You are awesome.

United States United States

2014 F-150 SO LOUD!!!!

Customer LOVED the new horns, way louder than the demo video depicts


Please Read

Alright, I have 1500 characters to write a pretty extensive review because I have been back and fourth with this horn. Here is goes: First of all, it was a pain in the A** to install. I have very little to no knowledge when it comes to cars and it was extremely hard to begin installing as far as electronics. This may be due to the fact that I misplaced and mistaken the wiring/pluming diagram when I opened the box as part of the receipt. Once I found it, It all made sense, very clear and well put. Good Job HornBlasters! So, throughout me struggles, I made 3 calls to HornBlasters Tech and they helped me right away! I spoke to a woman twice and a young man once and they were both geniuses when it came to their product! These folks' were very understanding of the problems and lack of understanding I was having and identified and gave me a clear solution! Good Job HornBlasters! Suggestions: Buy a relay. I was blessed enough to have a family friend mechanic who helped me with some of the install and recommended a relay. (I feel that this install can easily be done without a mechanic now that I have a general knowledge of what's going on). But I would recommend buying a relay for the wiring because it did ease up the process of getting power as we just tapped into the fuse box directly. The Horns are so freaking loud! Like, SO LOUD. Rolled down my window to get the "Full effect" and had my ear ringing for a little while. Overall, I am satisfied and would recommend to anyone!


Great value!

Really good horns for what you pay! Air compressor maybe a bit slow to fill the tank but it is still acceptable. And yea, it is loud enough! I really recommend you to plan your installation. I got this to fit on my vw touareg with some fiddling at last. I can really recommend this as your first kit!



Way louder then you think I scare people alll the time lol and when I need to get peoples attention it works best investment on my Xj yet