Slam Specialties 4-corner 3/8″ valve manifold (Black)


  • The Slam Specialties SV-8C manifold features top of the line components to complete any air suspension system. This kit comes with the SV-8C manifold, wiring, and mounting hardware to you allow you full control over the 4 bags on your vehicle. 
    1. Slam Specialties 3/8" 4 Corner Valve Manifold
    2. LED Light Up Logo
    3. Rated @ 200 PSI
    4. Dual 3/8" Push Connect Tank Inlets
    5. (4) 3/8" Push Connect Bag Ports
    6. Slot Port Exhaust w/ Integrated Mufflers
    7. WaterTight Resistant Plug w/ Harness
    1. Slam Specialties 4 Corner 3/8" Valve Manifold
    2. Mounting Hardware
    1. Part Number: SS-SV-8C
    2. Fittings: 4x 3/8" PTC Fittings



This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer.