Slam Specialties MC.1 Controller


  • The Slam Specialties MC.1 Controller features top of the line components to complete your air suspension system. Giving you 8 different buttons. This MC.1 Controller system that allows you full control over the 4 bags on your vehicle. 
    1. 8 Switch
    2. Black
    3. Controls 8 Valves Individually
    4. Microprocessor Controlled Solid State Controller
    5. Compact, Light, Fast, Intelligent Response
    6. Integrated 3.5mm Plug-In Jack cord for Ease Removal
    7. Coil Saver Technology
    8. 1 Year Warranty
    1. Slam Specialties MC.1 Controller
    1. Part Number: SS-MC.1
    2. Length: 3.75"
    3. Width: 0.40"
    4. Height: 1.8"



This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer.