Slam Specialties SSF6-6 Composite Air Bag


  • This is one of the most advanced bags we’ve ever seen. It comes with a crazy top plate design that helps prevent rubbing. Instead of the plates sitting on top of the bag, the bag wraps around the plate. Also, these Bags have a 3/8" Push to Connect Fitting Pressed into the Top Plate. On top of this, the bags have an “Up Not Out” design. This means the bag doesn’t expand sideways as it lifts your ride. Yet again a great innovation.

    This bag is 6in wide, 250 PSI, and provides a great amount of lift.

    1. 3/8" Push to Connect Fitting Pressed into the Top
    2. "Up Not Out" Bag Design
    3. Rated To 250 PSI
    4. 1/2" Port
    5. Integrated Bump Stops
    1. One Slam Specialties SS-6 Air Bag
    2. Pressed in 3/8" Push to Connect Fitting
    1. Part Number: AB-SSF6-6
    2. Ports: Pressed-In 3/8" Push to Connect Fitting
    3. Max PSI: 250 PSI 
    4. Collapse Force: 50 Pounds (22.68 Kg)
    5. Max Height: 11" (279.4 mm)
    6. Min. Height: 2.7" (68.58 mm)
    7. Stroke: 8.3" (210.82 mm)
    8. Max Diameter: 6" (152.4 mm)


This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer.