SMC 1/2" Brass Electric Valve Kit


  • This is the best valve kit for big horns. It’s perfect for AirChime horns and built rock solid!

    1. Heavy Flow 15mm Orifice
    2. Heavy Duty All Metal Valve Case
    3. Designed For Performance Applications
    1. One SMC Brass 1/2" Electric Air Valve
    2. Horn Button
    3. 20ft 18ga Wire
    4. 17ft 1/2" DOT Air Line
    5. 4x 1/2" DOT Push To Pull Fittings
    6. Electrical Terminals
    1. Part Number: VK-8S-W
    2. Port Size: ½″ NPT Female
    3. Orifice: 15mm


This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer.