Train Horn / Horn Air Wiring Kit


  • This wiring kit comes with everything you would need to wire one of our Air Horn Kits or Air Horn and Mounted Compressor Unit combinations . By offering you the wire and all the connections you need, this kit will complete your installation with clean wiring and a finished look.
    1. Train Horn / Horn Air Complete Wiring Kit
    • 17 ft of 10 Gauge Red Wire
    • 17 ft of 18 Gauge Blue Wire
    • 17 ft of 18 Gauge Grey Wire
    • Toogle Switch
    • Inline Fuse Holder
    • Roll of Teflon Tape
    • Two 18-22 Gauge Red Bullet Connectors
    • Four 18-22 Gauge Red Butt Connectors
    • Two 18-22 Gauge Red Scotch Locks
    • 18-22 Gauge Red Ring Terminal
    • 18-22 Gauge Red Male Connector
    • 10-12 Gauge Yellow Ring Terminal
    • 10-12 Gauge Yellow Butt Connector
    • 10-22 Yellow Female Connector
    • Two 35 Amp Fuses





Use this product in a safe and responsible manner, at a distance of at least 100 feet from others.

Proper Hearing protection must be worn when using this air horn. Hearing loss or permanent damage may result from unsafe use.

Never operate this product in a closed environment or close to pedestrians or others.

It is the consumer's responsibility to comply with local noise ordinances and D.O.T. sound level laws.



This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer.