Oasis XD4000 Military Grade Air Compressor

(Heavy Duty – 200 PSI / 15.0 CFM)


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The mac daddy of all-electric compressors, the Oasis XD4000 military-grade air compressor is an industrial-grade constant-duty compressor used for the highest demanding heavy-duty applications. The compressor of choice for military, AAA, and service trucks around the world, The Oasis XD4000 brings you unparalleled performance. The Oasis XD4000 produces an unrivaled 15 CFM at free-flow and remains strong all the way up to 200 PSI. How powerful is the Oasis XD4000? Powerful enough to run a 1/2" impact wrench without an air tank! Most 12-24 Volt air compressors can only handle up to a 5-gallon tank and can take up to 2 minutes or longer to recharge a 5-gallon tank from 120-150 PSI, the Oasis XD4000 can easily handle 60 gallons of air without breaking a sweat and can recharge a 10-gallon tank from 120-150 PSI in only 22 seconds! 

The Oasis XD4000 features dual fans: a 100 CFM fan built into a housing shroud, which cools the body and motor of the machine while providing added protection to the unit, as well as an internal fan that also cools the modified 2.2 hp electric motor. This unique cooling combination, found exclusively on the Oasis XD4000 provides superior operating temperature reduction resulting in a stunning 100% duty-cycle @ 200 PSI.

  • Extreme CFM output!
  • Capable of running a 1/2" Impact Wrench without a tank.
  • Heavy-duty equipment
  • Runs 50 Hour service intervals
  • Made in the USA! Quality matters!
  • 100% duty cycle @ 200 PSI!!
  • Oasis XD4000 air compressor
  • Instruction manuals
  • 3/8" leader hose
  • 3/8" check valve
  • Mobile One synthetic oil
  • Part Number: AC-XD4000
  • Voltage: 12 or 24 Volts DC
  • Max Amperage: (180 @ 12 VDC)(90 @ 24VDC)
  • Maximum Duty Cycle: 100% @ 200 PSI
  • Maximum Pressure: 200 PSI
  • CFM @ 0 PSI: 15 CFM
  • Length: 21″ (533.4 mm)
  • Width: 7″ (177.8 mm)
  • Height: 11″ (279.4 mm)
  • Weight: 62 lb (28.12 Kg)

Oasis compressors can be used either with or without a tank, depending on your application. Our compressors are capable of running a 1/2″ impact wrench without a tank under the following conditions:

  • Apply adequate power to the compressor per our Power Addendum
  • Use a tool that makes efficient use of compressed air (the Ingersoll-Rand IR231 & 2135Ti guns work very well)
  • Use proper trigger technique, pull the trigger in two second bursts.

We have tested our compressors under these conditions, they are able to tighten 9/16″ lug nuts to over 160 ft/lbs without a tank. We are happy to help you determine the best system for your needs. Please call us for tech support!

What's the Purpose of An Air Tank?

A tank is a storage chamber which holds a reserve of pressurized air. When running an air tool for example, air is taken from the tank to run the tool.  As pressure in the tank drops, a pressure switch turns a compressor on to re-pressurize the tank.  It works the same way that an alternator recharges a battery after power is used from it.

A Tank Will…

  • Allow the compressor to run fewer cycles, minimizing the stress on the compressor and increasing life expectancy.
  • Support the use of some air tools with a high air consumption rate that would otherwise not be possible. Alone, the Oasis compressors will run ½” impact wrenches, but the use of ¾” or larger impact wrenches, die grinders, sanders, etc. require a tank.

A Tank Will Not…

  • Increase or decrease the workload of a compressor to do a job. If you take air out of a tank and put it in a tire, the compressor must work the same amount as it would if you had no tank at all.
  • Allow tires to be inflated any faster than an Oasis compressor can do alone. A tank will slightly reduce the inflation time of other slower compressors, but Oasis compressors are so efficient that a tank doesn’t make any difference.

A More Efficient System

Compared to systems that require multiple compressors to meet a high demand for air, our superior performance makes it possible to meet the needs of your application with a much simpler system.

By keeping your system simple, you will have higher performance and better reliability. With fewer components, there are fewer problems, leaks, and difficulty. Less is more.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our team today!

  • Pressure Up Rates

    Tank Size Pressure Min:Sec 12vdc Min:Sec 24vdc
    Tank Size 5 Gallon Pressure 0-150 psi Min:Sec 12vdc 0:54 Min:Sec 24vdc 0:51
    Tank Size 5 Gallon Pressure 120-150 psi Min:Sec 12vdc 0:11 Min:Sec 24vdc 0:10
    Tank Size 10 Gallon Pressure 0-150 psi Min:Sec 12vdc 1:47 Min:Sec 24vdc 1:40
    Tank Size 10 Gallon Pressure 120-150 psi Min:Sec 12vdc 0:22 Min:Sec 24vdc 0:20
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  • Warranty
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Awesome Air Compressor

This is a great product! Packaged well with all the details to get started using product to have a good experience.

United States United States

Excellent Customer Service

HornBlasters just gave us awesome service, again, just like the time before. Fast , courteous, knowledgeable , right part the first time, recieved literly next day. First class and 5 stars for you!! Thank You


Ranch truck air compressor

The Oasis XD 4000 air compressor is a solid, well built compact substitute for a gasoline powered air compressor for my ranch truck. Used almost daily in servicing heavy equipment, airing up tires and occasional impact wrench use. Fits in the upright toolbox of my service body on my truck, as opposed to taking up bed space needed for feed, hay etc. Very pleased with the shipping, packaging and performance and would recommend both the compressor and the seller.