HornBlasters, your favorite masters of all things loud, have embarked on an exhilarating collaboration with the YouTube sensation, CboysTV. Set against the stunning backdrop of Cormorant Lake, Minnesota, this adventure with the CboysTV crew - known for their daredevil shenanigans and crazy comedy - marks a thrilling chapter in our journey. CJ, Ryan, Ken, Ben, Micah, and Evan of CboysTV, are flipping the car world upside down and bringing unparalleled excitement to the automotive scene.

When the HornBlasters crew teamed up with the boys from CboysTV, it was like a match made in car heaven. Our love for high-quality horn kits and their drive to push the boundaries of what’s possible with a set of wheels created some truly mind-blowing results.


The first vehicle Cboys TV crew chose to undergo the HornBlasters treatment was none other than a Smart Car. Known for their compact size and fuel efficiency, Smart Cars aren't typically associated with thunderous horns. However, the boys aimed to change that perception. With the installation of HornBlasters' Conductor's Special 544K Train Horn Kit, this Smart Car was about to make a statement like never before. The Conductor's Special 544K boasts a powerful train horn sound, providing a mind-blowing auditory experience that commands attention wherever it goes.

The kit includes a 5-gallon air system that is mounted in the trunk. This air system provides the power needed to operate the Shocker XL train horns that are mounted behind the grille and front bumper. With the installation of the HornBlasters Conductor's Special 544K Train Horn Kit, the boys transformed their Smart Car into a vehicle that is sure to turn heads wherever it goes.


CboysTV decided to amplify the fun factor by equipping a golf cart with our Conductor's Special 2HB Train Horn Kit. Golf carts are usually associated with leisurely rides on the fairway, but this one was about to challenge that stereotype. With the addition of our 2HB train horn kit, the golf cart became a force to be reckoned with, offering an ear-splitting blast that can't be ignored. Our 2HB kit is known for its versatility, making it the perfect choice for unique installations like this.

In this case, the Shocker XL train horns inlcuded in the kit were mounted to the inside of the roof of the golf cart. This allowed the horns to project their sound in all directions, making them even more effective at grabbing everyones attention. With the installation of our 2HB train horn kit, the CboysTV team transformed their golf cart into a vehicle that is sure to turn heads wherever it goes. Our kit is the perfect way to add a touch of excitement and personality to your golf cart, or any other vehicle.


Throughout this wild collaboration, the Cboys TV crew brought their A-game, filming every nut, bolt, and shocked face along the way. Their videos showed the world the power and precision of our HornBlasters products, and the absolute thrill that comes with turning a tame ride into a roaring beast.

This crazy collab didn't just show off our kickass horn kits, it got people fired up about what they can do with their own vehicles. By installing our horns on some unexpected rides, we smashed through stereotypes and brought a whole new level of fun to car customization. We believe in letting people express themselves through their vehicles – and what better way than with a horn that can shake the ground?


Working with CboysTV was a total blast, and we shook things up in the automotive world (pun intended). From turning a Smart Car into a audible monster to giving a golf cart a voice to be reckoned with, we showed just how versatile and exciting our HornBlasters train horn kits are. And the best part? You can see it all go down in the CboysTV videos, bringing you along for the ride every step of the way.