HornBlasters Digital Air Pressure Gauge

With cutting-edge technology and a host of new features, our brand new Digital Air Gauge brings onboard air into the 21st century!

Technology has continued to increase our quality of life over the years, making things more convenient for us than ever before. Pneumatic technology is no different. We continue to look for innovative new ways make it easier to install, maintain and use your system. With the recent release of our HornBlasters 220 PSI Digital Air Gauge, we continue to implement the latest technology to ensure you continue to get the most out of our kits.

While digital gauges have been around for a while, the quality isn't always what you would expect for the price tag. While we have always and will continue to offer the best components and accessories for our kits, even the best components can always be improved upon. As the old saying goes, “If you want something done right, do it yourself”, so we went to the drawing board and came back with a digital gauge that is more accurate and packed full of more features than you have ever seen on a digital gauge before.

HornBlasters Air Pressure Gauge


You probably have one on your system right now. Analog gauges are standard on most kits, ours included. If you are running one the old-school gauges, you probably have it set up one of two ways: You either have it plumbed directly into your air tank or you are running lines to the cab of your vehicle and have it mounted to your dash.

The problem with having your gauge plumbed directly into your tank is that you have to literally be staring at your onboard air system to look at it. While fine for troubleshooting problems if you are working on your system, if you want an up-to-date reading while you are driving, an analog gauge isn’t going to do that for you. Plus, in most cases, you have to crawl underneath your vehicle in order to see it. Who wants to do that?

Installing an analog gauge in the cab of your vehicle saves you from having to crawl under the vehicle and can give you current readings while you have wheels on the road, you still have to run an air line in and out of the cab of the vehicle. Anyone that has had to do this before can tell you how much of a pain this can be. Not only is installation painful, but running air line into the cab and back out can heighten your chances of getting leaks. While in the past, this was necessary in order to get an accurate reading on where your air pressure was at, with the emergence of digital gauges on the market, you no longer need to waste the time and energy installing all that air line to be able to monitor your system.


Ok, so you have decided to go digital, but how does it work? Anytime you mention “digital”, some people get understandably nervous. After all, technology only makes your life easier if you know how to use it, if not it could be more trouble than it’s worth. Rest assured, just like all HornBlasters products, we put a lot of thought into making sure that even the least mechanically inclined customer can install our digital gauge without any issue.

For our Digital Air Gauge, there are really only three components that you need to worry about: the gauge itself, the sensor and the wiring harness. The sensor simply plumbs into the tank, just like your analog gauge would. You then connect the wiring harness to your sensor and run that harness through a floor or firewall grommet. Find a good spot to mount your gauge and then connect the wiring harness to your gauge. That's it! Of course, you can get a little more in depth depending on how you want your gauge mounted, but even then, much simpler than messing around with air line! Mounting hardware is included as well to make things go smoothly. 


Now that your HornBlasters Digital Air Gauge is installed, when you turn on your vehicle you will notice right away that this isn’t just some simple gauge. Upon starting your ignition our Digital Air Gauge will tell you how much voltage your battery is putting out. “Why would I need to check my voltage?”, you might ask. Well, as far as onboard air (and really anything else with your vehicle) if your battery is providing a low voltage or no voltage at all then nothing is going to work correctly. When you depend on your onboard air for things like your suspension, having the most accurate readings for your air pressure as well as your voltage is necessary.

Speaking of having the most accurate readings, our digital air gauge utilizes a high-grade weather-proof pressure sensor and microprocessor stabilized readings to give you never before seen accuracy that you simply won’t find in other digital gauges.

Ever have to squint to be able to read one of your gauges? Not only is it annoying, but it can also be really dangerous when you are driving. With the bright color-coded LED display on our digital gauge, that's not a problem. Even if you are blind as a bat, the green, yellow and red indicators on the gauge will let you know when your system is full or close to being low.

The real cherry on top is we are so confident about the quality and workmanship of our digital gauge that we warranty it against manufacture’s defects for life. Try finding that with any other gauge out there.


Most newer vehicles all have digital readings for pretty much anything you can think of, including your speedometer and gas gauge. Automotive manufacturers already know that analog gauges are a relic of the past, why would you want one for your premium onboard air system? Give your ride a sleek, professional look with our Digital Air Gauge and give your onboard air system a gauge it deserves.