As the new kid on the block, our Goliath Train Horn Mount is taking the aftermarket world by storm. With its MASSIVE size, a huge selection of options, and showroom inspired design, we are once again changing the game and setting the standard for installation brackets. If you are looking for the best bracket that is designed for our biggest and best Train Horns to quickly and easily mount to your truck, keep on reading!


By now, you have probably already heard of our Spare Tire Delete Bracket. At the time, it turned the train horn world on its head by offering our customers a cost-effective way to mount our most popular kit, the Conductor’s Special, neatly and conveniently using their factory spare tire crank. It cut install time in half, making installing a full train horn kit much less intimidating for beginners to install on their own and more affordable to have installed professionally.

Our Spare Tire Delete Bracket changed how people looked at installation brackets so much that it’s hard to talk about any other installation without referencing it. In much the same way, our Goliath Train Horn Mount is once again raising the bar on what customers should expect out of their installation brackets.

All of the things you love about the Spare Tire Delete Bracket are still there, but with a host of improvements that you have been asking for. Our loudest and best train horn kits are the highest-quality train horn kits you can buy, your installation bracket shouldn't be any different.


Up until now, if you wanted to get some huge train horns on your ride, such as the legendary Nathan AirChimes (K3, K5LA, K5HA, P3, P5) or our King (H3, H5, H6) series train horns, you would have to mount it directly to the frame and still have to worry about where the rest of the kit would fit. There were some options, such as the “U” shaped Nathan AirChime Mount or you could break up the bells up individually by using the Nathan AirChime Remote Mounts, but let’s be honest, half the reason why we love these huge horns is the look. What good is having a huge train horn if you have to take it off the manifold to use it?

>If you wanted an all-in-one solution for mounting your kit, the only kit available was the Conductor’s Special Train Horn Kit that our Spare Tire Delete Bracket and our Spare Tire Dual Delete Bracket was designed for. Also, you could only fit a 2-gallon system. As much as our customers asked for a 5-gallon version, it just would not fit on that bracket.

Those of you that have been asking for a solution for a 5-gallon kit or your bigger horns, we have heard you and we present the Goliath Train Horn Mount, a 1/4" solid metal beast that gives you the ability to mount the following train horns:

  • KING 3
  • KING 5KING 6

As you can see, if it's big and it's loud, it's on the list! Best of all? With the Goliath’s unique flat design, you can fit these gargantuan train horns underneath your truck and still keep a low profile.


Not only are there never before seen options to mount your horns, but the amount of different configurations you can have for your onboard air is also astounding. As we touched upon earlier, you now have the option to run either a 2-gallon or 5-gallon tank. On top of that, you also have the option to run dual compressors!

Wanting the beefiest system to power your Nathans? It will fit on our Goliath Train Horn Mount! Every single mount is custom made to fit one of the 30+ kit configurations available as well as custom made to fit your vehicle. This amount of customization has never been seen before for a universal mount. No longer do you have to be stuck with just one type of kit to have an easy install. As long as it’s loud, we make the mount for it.

Speaking of options, the number of trucks that our Goliath Train Horn Mount fits is vast and growing. Chances are, if you have a newer full-sized truck, it will fit! Again, this mount is custom made for your truck, so when you get your mount, you have the peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to do any cutting or running to the parts store to get it to work. In true HornBlasters fashion, we take the guesswork out of it, so you spend less time under the truck so you can get out there and honking faster.


We could talk all day about the features and benefits of our Goliath Train Horn Mount, but one look at it says it all. When we showcased our Goliath Train Horn Mount at Daytona Truck Meet this year, they stole the show! While still brand new, you could still find them on trucks all over the show and the Goliath Train Horn Mount is sure to be the mounting bracket of choice for here on out. While other brackets might make your set-up look neat, the level of detail and showmanship for the Goliath is on a whole other level.

Of course, you don’t need to have an expensive show truck or spend thousands having a custom mount made to give your train horn kit a professional look. As you can see, our Goliath Train Horn Mount lays all of your components flat against the frame, giving your train horn kit a sense of presentation that would normally take tons of money and time to achieve with a fabricated bracket.


When you are buying a Nathan or a HornBlasters train horn kit, you know you are buying the loudest horns that money can buy, with an onboard air system made of the highest-quality components. It only makes sense that your mount shouldn't be any different. Just because you have a top-of-the-line kit doesn't mean you have to pay out the ears for a custom bracket, though. At a $450 retail price, our Goliath Train Horn Mount will save you from having to break the bank on custom fabrication all while giving you the same quality and WOW factor. Pick up your Goliath Train Horn Mount today to have an installation mount worth of your truck and your train horn kit.