Marine Outlaw Train Horn Install


Don’t get us wrong, train horns and air horns are one of the most fun additions to your vehicle that you could have. Many of us have dreamed of being in control of a huge train horn or semi horns ever since we were kids. There is no better feeling than getting a good scare out of someone when they least expect it, but your horn is so much more than a mere toy or novelty. When the difference between life and death is a split-second decision, having a horn loud enough to turn heads can make all the difference.

Old School Hot Rod
Volkswagen Bus
1950's Pickup


Long before they were seen as something fun to upgrade on your ride, horns have been an integral part of not only road safety but railroad safety as well. In fact, horns for safety date back before cars even existed. Car Horns date back to the late 1800s in Britain where they were still using horses and carriages. Originally used to warn off horses and pedestrians of an oncoming buggy, technology has improved greatly, but the idea remains the same: Alerting others to your presence makes the road safer for both you and other drivers.


A lot has changed since the 1800s, of course. As the roads become more crowded, the background noise on the roads has increased. Automobile manufacturers have been improving vehicles to keep outside noise from entering the cab of the vehicle, making your ride much more pleasant. Unfortunately, they didn’t keep up when it came to the horns in today's automobiles. In some vehicles, you even have a hard time hearing an emergency vehicle with the windows up and the radio and AC on. Stock horns just aren't loud enough to do the job they were designed to do anymore

Luckily, it has never been easier to upgrade your horn. Even our lowest cost Electric Horns will be twice as loud as any stock horn. Of course, the louder your horn, the farther away people will be able to hear you from and the safer you will be. Some of the train horns we offer can even be heard from miles away!

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New Style Train
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We have all heard of defensive driving. Being aware of your surroundings and taking precautions to ensure you have a safe ride is the cornerstone to any defensive driving course. While defensive driving courses sometimes cover proper horn use, what isn't covered enough is making sure that other drivers and pedestrians are just as aware of their surroundings as you are.

With the rise of technology, specifically cell phones, that is easier said than done a lot of the time. One good blast from a good horn will snap someone back to reality quicker than anything else. Be aware of your surroundings, but also be on the lookout for anyone that is obviously not aware of theirs. A pedestrian walking out into the road without looking first, a vehicle swerving into your lane, even animals walking to the road can be avoided with a simple blast of your horn. Here is a testimonial from one of our customers that prevented a collision with some local deer with his horns:

"Making a little PSA right here. Have you ever thought, is my horn loud enough? Would it be cool to have a stronger, longer lasting and life-saving Horn? @hornblasters answers yes to all of that. Earlier tonight on my way home down a back road I came up on 10-15 deer on the road. Without hesitation, I gave the Nightmare Edition hell resulting in, well, 0 deer on the road. Now, say you drive a car or smaller truck that’s more vulnerable to these things. I strongly believe @hornblasters is the answer to saving lives from many, many car accidents. Yes, I probably woke up half the country but put your self in my shoes, it’s raining, you pop up on a group of deer, what happens next could be a life or death decision. Although it’s not 100% guaranteed that buying a train horn will make you invincible to roadside animals, would you run towards a “train”?” - Davis Folmar (Instagram: Davisfolmar_02)

Deer Crossing the road
Moose crossing the road
Deer running infront of a Car


Have you ever been in a torrential downpour or really thick fog? There are times when it seems like you can’t see more than a foot past your vehicle. Obviously, the safest thing to do in a situation like that is pull over, but if pulling over isn't an option, having a horn loud enough for people to hear can really come in handy if they can’t see you.

In fact, the California DMV’s Driver Handbook recommends using your horn when you can’t see more than 200 feet in front of you. If visibility is limited, giving a short honk as you are rounding a corner or crossing an intersection will give other vehicles a heads-up that another vehicle is near so they proceed with caution.

Bad Weather Causing Bad Vision

Low visibility has been the reason that horns have been used on all ships for decades. Out in the ocean, having a loud horn that can carry sound for miles is a necessity. Generally, the lower the tone of the horn, the bigger the ship. This made it much much easier for smaller ships to steer clear of larger boats. Horns have prevented countless accidents and have saved many lives over the years at sea and on the road. History proves that the louder the horn is, the safer you and everyone around you is.

Speaking of history, did you know that we carry horns that can make your car or truck sound like a semi-truck, boat or a 1920's car? You can be loud without having to necessarily sound like a train. You can choose any voice you want, just make sure you are heard!


Your horn can even keep you safe without even having to be on the road. If you like to go offroading with your ride (like many of us do) or have a horn on your ATV or boat, installing a louder horn can really come in handy when you are out in the wild. A loud horn is great for scaring off animals as we saw above as well as alert others that you are in danger.

Sure, we have cell phones now, but as anyone that has been in the true wilderness knows, cell reception isn't always the best. This isn't just true for the woods. Being out at sea can put you in an equally dire situation. What better way to make sure everyone knows where you are than a horn that can be heard from miles away.

Huge Boat with Train Horns
Boat Train Horn Install

Ever forget where you parked your car? Trying to find your ride in a huge parking can be extremely frustrating. You're all ready to go home and now you have to wander around the parking lot for possibly hours looking for your ride. With your train horn kit hooked up to our wireless remote or your vehicle's security system, you never have to worry about your ride getting lost again. One press of the button and you and every one a few miles away will know exactly where you left your ride!