Ryan's 44-foot Concept boat just got a serious upgrade with the installation of the HornBlasters Shocker XL 5-Gallon train horn kit. This kit includes the powerful Shocker XL train horn, a 5-gallon air tank, and a HornBlasters air compressor, all designed to deliver an attention-grabbing blast of sound on the water.

With the HornBlasters train horn kit, Ryan's boat is now equipped with a loud and distinctive horn that can be heard from miles away, alerting other boaters and pedestrians to his presence. The Shocker XL train horn is designed to mimic the sound of a real train horn, with four trumpets that produce a deep, rumbling tone.

The 5-gallon air tank and HornBlasters compressor provide a reliable source of air to power the horn, ensuring that it's always ready when Ryan needs it. And with the easy-to-install kit, the installation process was quick and hassle-free.

Overall, the HornBlasters Shocker XL 5-Gallon train horn kit is a great addition to Ryan's boat, providing both practical safety benefits and a fun, unique feature that's sure to turn heads on the water.


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