2019 FORD F250

The 2019 Ford F250 is already a powerhouse on the road, but our Conductor's Special 5-gallon train horn kit takes it to a whole new level. With the inclusion of our Shocker XL train horn, a heavy-duty air compressor, and our 5-gallon air tank, this kit packs a powerful punch and makes a statement wherever it goes.

To achieve a clean and organized look, the kit is installed in the spare tire location of the F250. This not only helps to protect the components from damage, but also keeps them out of sight for a sleek appearance.

Thanks to the reliable performance of the Conductor's Special 5-gallon train horn kit, drivers can easily grab the attention of others on the road with a blast of the powerful Shocker XL. Whether for personal enjoyment or as an attention-grabbing addition to a show vehicle, this kit is sure to impress. Plus, its rugged construction ensures it can withstand even the most challenging driving conditions for years to come.



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