2019 FORD F250

This is a 2019 Ford F250 that features our Conductor's Special 544K train horn kit. Installed in the spare tire location in the rear of the truck you will find the kit on a custom bracket that is bolted directly to the frame rails. Mounting the entire kit in this location keeps it hidden all while keeping a clean and professional look. With the power of the Shocker XL train horns, this horn kit provides the tone and loudness of a locomotive ready to blast at any moment. Giving the driver a voice on the road for situations where other drivers may be distracted or unable to hear the factory horn is definitely a great safety precaution to have on any vehicle.

The 5-gallon air tank utilized in this kit provides the train horns with roughly 8-10 seconds of honk time. Paired with the constant-duty Viair 444C air compressor, makes for a heavy-duty onboard air system capable of airing up tires along with using small air tools.



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