Jeremy's 2016 Toyota Tacoma

This is Jeremy's 2016 Toyota Tacoma with one of our insane train horn kits installed underneath. In the spare tire location of the vehicle you will find our Conductor's Special 5485K Train Horn Kit. With our 5-gallon tank and Viair's most powerful constant duty air compressor the 485C this system is perfect for more than just the train horns. Currently Jeremy has his system set to run up to 200 PSI as he does use the system for other pneumatic uses such as using air tools or airing up tires. Jeremy has a High Flow Regulator in place to regulate the pressure to them down to 150 PSI (Pictured Below). With that being said, we don't recommend running our Shocker XL Train Horns at 200 PSI. Typically on the Mid Size Trucks like the Toyota Tacoma, customers have issues mounting the massive 5-gallon tank. As you can tell it was no problem for Jeremy!

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