This is Jeremy's 2016 Toyota Tacoma. Installed underneath the rear in the spare tire location you will find our Conductor's Special 5485K train horn kit. This system features our insanely loud Shocker XL train horns that are hand-tuned to sound exactly like a real locomotive. Not only are you getting the loudness and tone of a locomotive at the push of a button, but the system also features a heavy duty onboard air system capable of other pneumatic uses. Such as airing up tires or inflatables and using small air tools.

The 5-gallon air tank included in this kit provides the Shocker train horns with roughly 8-10 seconds of honk time. Then Viair 485C air compressor is able to recover it in a little over 2-3 minutes. This air compressor is capable of 200 PSI and Jeremy currently has his system set to 200 PSI to give him a little extra pressure when using air tools. Although we don't recommend 200 PSI and the horns are only rated to handle 150 PSI, you can see Jeremy currently has a high pressure regulator in place so that the horns are only receiving a max of 150 PSI regardless if the pressure in the tank is higher!


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