Nick’s 2001 GMC Sierra 2500HD showcases a blend of subtle aesthetics with a bold auditory statement, thanks to our Conductor's Special 544K Train Horn Kit. Nestled discreetly behind the grille, the Shocker XL train horns from this kit are a hidden force ready to unleash a powerful sound reminiscent of a locomotive's roar. Despite their concealed placement, these horns command attention with their robust tones, ensuring Nick's presence is announced whether on the road or at a show.

Within the toolbox lies the heart of this installation - the HornAir 544K onboard air system. This system, comprising a 5-gallon air tank and a constant duty air compressor, ensures a readily available supply of air, providing around 8-10 seconds of honk time. This setup not only satisfies the desire for a commanding horn blast but also adds a layer of practicality, ready to assist with airing up tires or running small air tools as needed. Nick's Sierra melds the understated with the bold, offering a unique blend of form and function that turns heads and perks ears wherever it roams.