Viair 3/8" Check Valve


  • These check valves have been specifically designed to work with Viair air compressors. They provide maximum resistance to prevent any air leaks without dampening the power of your Viair air compressor.

    The check valve is threaded 38in M NPT on one side and 38″ F NPT on the other. It threads flawlessly into any NPT ported fitting or tank.

      What Is a Check Valve?

      A check valve is a critical part of any air compressor system. A check valve ensures that air can only flow one-way through it. In an air system, it normally sits between an air tank and an air compressor and prevents tank pressure from leaking back through the air compressor. Without this, it would take much longer to fill your air tank, leave the potential for leaks to occur, and even damage your air compressor.

      Please Note: - During installation, only use appropriate size wrench and turn 15° past hand tight using thread sealant or Teflon tape.

      1. One Viair 3/8" Check Valve
      1. Part Number: CV-6M6F
      2. Threading: ⅜″ Female NPT (inlet) ⅜″ Male NPT (outlet)


    This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer.