Ever been startled by a loud blast or charmed by a whimsical tune from a vehicle nearby? That's the magic of horns – they can command attention, signal a warning, or simply spread a bit of joy. At HornBlasters, we're passionate about offering a symphony of sounds through our diverse range of horns. From electric wonders to the mighty blasts of air horns, let's explore what makes each type special and answer some of the most intriguing questions about horns.

Blue Oldschool Suburban on Boggers
Suburban Dixie Horn Install


Electric horns are the heartbeats of city streets and country roads. They're versatile, easily installed, and come in a variety of tunes that can personalize any ride. Here's a closer look at the electric horns we offer:

  • Oogah Horns: A blast from the past, Oogah horns throw you back to the early 1900s with their distinctive sound. It's perfect for those who love a bit of nostalgia.

  • Motorcycle Horn: Designed to be compact but loud, our motorcycle horn ensures your presence is known on the road, combining safety with a touch of personality.

  • Regular Electric Horns: The everyday heroes. The Sniper, Psychoblasters V2, and Ninja Horns are your go-to for a straightforward, reliable sound that gets the job done.

  • Musical Horns: For those who want to make an entrance (or exit) with flair, our musical horns play a range of tunes, from "Tequila" to "La Cucaracha," and even the iconic "Godfather" theme.

Smart Car with Safety Air Horn


When it comes to making an undeniable impact, air horns are in a league of their own. Utilizing compressed air to vibrate a diaphragm, these horns produce a bold, unmistakable sound that slices through the noise of everyday life. Ideal for larger vehicles due to their commanding output, air horns ensure you're heard, whether you're navigating through dense traffic or signaling across vast distances.

Among our selection at HornBlasters, a few stand out for their popularity and distinct sounds:

  • Safety Horn: Mimicking the urgent call of a fire truck, the Safety Horn is designed to capture attention immediately. It's not just loud; it's a clear signal of caution, making it indispensable in critical situations.

  • Rocker Horn: Compact yet forceful, the Rocker Horn brings a punchy sound that's hard to ignore. It's versatile, fitting not just large vehicles but any enthusiast looking to make a statement.

  • Mother Trucker Horn: Evoking the deep, resonant tone of a SEMI horn, the Mother Trucker Horn is as robust as its name suggests. It offers the commanding presence needed on the open road, embodying the spirit of the highway.

  • Rage 4-Chime Air Horn: For those seeking a symphony of sound, the Rage 4-Chime Air Horn delivers. With four harmonized tones, it produces a rich, layered effect that stands out from the crowd.

These popular air horns from HornBlasters showcase the diversity and utility of air horn technology. Whether you're looking for safety, style, or sheer power, there's an air horn to suit your needs, ensuring that when you need to be heard, your message comes through loud and clear.

F250 with Green Shocker XL Train Horns
F250 with Gold K5 Train Horn


Train horns, a distinct category of air horns, resonate with the deep, commanding tones akin to a locomotive's call. Their unique identity comes from both the design and the powerful output that distinguishes them from other types of horns.


The key characteristic that classifies a horn as a train horn is its ability to produce at least three distinct notes. This multi-note capability creates a chord that's not just loud but also rich in harmonics, closely mirroring the traditional sounds of a train. This complexity is why train horns are synonymous with authority and presence on the road.

At HornBlasters, we take pride in offering a premier selection of train horns that embody the spirit of the railway:

  • Shocker XL Train Horn: Known for its impressive sound despite its compact size, the Shocker XL train horn is a fan favorite for those looking to make a statement.
  • Nathan Airchime Horns: Including the Nathan Airchime K3, Nathan Airchime K5, Nathan Airchime P3, and the Nathan Airchime P5, these horns are the epitome of authentic rail sound, each producing the characteristic multi-note harmony that defines a train horn.
  • Leslie Horns: The Leslie RS-3L and Leslie RS-5T are legendary for their powerful, melodious blasts that have made them a staple in both rail and marine signaling.

Our collection at HornBlasters ensures that when you choose a train horn, you're getting the genuine, powerful essence of the railway, designed to resonate and command attention wherever you go.

Green Boat with Black Outlaw Train Horn
Humvee with KM-165 Ship Horn


Marine horns are more than just safety equipment; they are the voice of vessels, calling out through the dense sea air to announce presence, signal distress, or communicate with other ships. The materials and design of these horns are meticulously chosen to ensure durability and sound integrity, even in the most challenging environments.


HornBlasters offers an exceptional array of marine horns, including models that combine traditional craftsmanship with modern technology:

  • Kahlenberg Ship Horns: Renowned for their robust construction and superior sound quality, our Kahlenberg ship horns are an excellent choice for maritime professionals and enthusiasts alike. The KM-85, KM-110, KM-135, KM-165, and KM-250 models each bring a unique tone and volume, catering to a wide range of vessel sizes and needs.

  • Admiral Train Horn: The Admiral is the 5-chime older brother to the Outlaw, offering a deeper, more resonant sound. This powerful horn is perfect for those looking to command attention with a rich, authoritative tone at sea.

  • Outlaw Train Horns: The 3-chime Outlaw horns, known for their bold sound, are a slightly smaller counterpart to the Admiral but still pack a significant punch. These horns are ideal for boaters seeking the audacity of a train horn's call with a bit of versatility.

  • Strombos Horns: Our brass Strombos Duplex, Triplex, and Quadruplex Horns are designed for maritime use, delivering a series of harmonized tones that ensure your vessel is heard. Each model increases in complexity, from the two-note Duplex to the four-note Quadruplex.

Each of these marine horns has been engineered to not only meet but exceed the rigorous demands of marine communication. With HornBlasters, you're choosing reliability, quality, and a legacy of excellence in maritime safety and communication.


  • What is the definition of a horn? Simply put, a horn is a sound-making device that can be used for signaling or warning.

  • What is another word for a horn? Another term for horn could be "tooter" or "klaxon," depending on its use and sound.

  • Why is a horn called a horn? Historically, animal horns were used to create sound, and the name stuck even as the technology evolved.


At HornBlasters, we're dedicated to offering a wide selection of horns to suit every need and occasion. Whether you're looking for something to personalize your vehicle or you need a powerful sound for safety, we've got you covered with our high-quality, durable horns. Our goal is to provide products that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Horns have a fascinating history and play a crucial role in our lives, from ensuring safety on the roads to adding a touch of personality to our rides. By exploring the different types of horns available, we hope to have answered your questions and sparked your interest in finding the perfect horn for your needs.

Remember, whether you're on land or sea, HornBlasters has the right horn for you. Explore our collection and find your perfect sound today!