A Word from the Owner

Kit sounds great love them to death. Thanks for all the help I have moved my air valve to straight up now and factory horn not heard at all. Scared the crap out of people I work with and have made a few strangers jump. Like the fact that your kit allows me to use factory key less to operate air horns makes scaring people more fun. I will soon be putting in air hose and will get gauge to see how system is doing right now. System holds air for 12 to 14 hours before compressor runs. Thanks again for all the help and keep making these great horns. Everyone loved the way the kit has everything you need to hook it up with the wires connectors and all! Only thing that's missing is a pressure gauge, then kit would be perfect. But I love them anyways and will recommend you guys to any and everyone. You guys do blow the Klien 500 and 630 model air horns out of the water. Had a sound off with my friend who works at 4wheelparts and tried to talk me into the Klien kit over yours. Klien is $400 more than your kit after you get all the stuff you need to get klien kit to work. Your kit drowned out the klien horns both styles with their extra loud option still drowned them out even with me standing next to truck with Klien 630 kit I could barely hear klien. My truck parked 8feet away from other truck. We will have another sound off he thinks he can win after he calls Klien but I know he won't. Yours sounds more like the real deal then Klien and I don't have to do anything or buy anything else to make mine sound better. However if you guys make them louder please let me know. And do you have any louder then what I have now. I have shocker s4xl kit. Thanks again will get video clip of horns in action to you soon. And if the guy with the klien horns will allow another show down I will get video for you. --- Everything is on right side of truck along frame by bed and horns on left on fabricated skid pan. May have to add protection to air lines blow horns but nothing is below running boards. I did truck bed cost tank and all brackets thanks to the road salt in winter to try to keep rust down.